With pandemic-induced "work-from-anywhere" policies being implemented at countless companies, several urban areas are experiencing high rates of out migration.

Seattle seems to be faring just fine, according to "inflow-outflow ratio" data from LinkedIn, and other research. That contrasts with Silicon Valley, where the rate of relocating employees and investors has been described by some as an "exodus."

LinkedIn statistics indicate the Bay Area has the biggest year-over-year (YOY) percentage decline in its inflow-outflow ratio, followed by New York City. Conversely, Madison, Wisconsin boasts the biggest   gains - and by a wide margin -- based on data covering April to October. (The LinkedIn data is based on members who report city-to-city movement on their profiles.)

Tech Migration Trends (inflow-outflow ratio)

 Rank  City  % change April-Oct 2020 vs 2019  Rank  City  % change April-Oct 2020 vs 2019
 1  Madison, WI  74.2%  1  San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley)  -35.3%
 2  Cleveland  19.9%  2  New York City  -20.1%
 3  Sacramento  17.6%  3  Boston  -18.5%
 4  Minneapolis-St. Paul  16.9%  4  Chicago  -12.0%
 5  Hartford, CT  15.1%  5  Cincinnati  -11.3%