In the last three years, Northwest MLS brokers have sold more than 3,300 residential homes and condominiums that were “green certified.

What is “Green Certified”?

Green certification is an endorsement given to homes that are built to meet specific environmental sustainability criteria, such as resource efficiency, energy conservation, and waste reduction.

When listing or looking for homes, Northwest MLS brokers can advertise or search for various types and levels of green certification for their clients, including Built Green™LEED™, and Northwest ENERGY STAR®.   

Does Green Certification Increase a Home’s Sale Price?

Yes! When comparing the overall median sales price for homes sold by Northwest MLS brokers during 2023, homes with green certification sold for 20% more, with a median sales price of $740,000, compared to a median sales price of $591,000 for homes without green certification.

What are Other Types of “Green” Features?

In addition to green certification, Northwest MLS brokers can advertise or search for a variety of other green features, including:

  • Green Flooring, such as bamboo or cork
  • Green Heating & Cooling, such as radiant heat and ductless mini-splits
  • ENERGY STAR® Windows
  • Green Energy Source, such as Geothermal, Solar, or Ground Source
  • Green Construction Methods
  • Water Conservation Features
  • Green Landscaping
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Green (living) Roof
  • And So Much More!

What are the Potential Benefits of Green Homes?

  • Healthier Indoor Environment
  • More Water & Energy Efficient
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs (20% Less on Average)
  • Built to Last Using Sustainable Material
  • Less Environmental Impact

Green Homes are not only better for the environment, they’re also better for your health and your pocketbook!

Would you like to find a green certified home in your area, or are you ready to list your current home? We have the ability to advertise or search for all of the green features mentioned in this article! Whether you are looking for a home with green certification, or a specific green feature, we can find exactly what you are looking for.   

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